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As knowledge about our atmosphere and its various phenomena progresses, the frontier of research will be at the interfaces: within the atmosphere, at the various time and space scales that weather occurs; and between the atmosphere and the things, and people, that it interacts with.


11707847_10153027698906009_2163171047399852380_oMy atmospheric research interests span the formation and inner workings of various convective cloud systems across the tropics and mid-latitudes, with a focus on how they organize on various size scales and how they are impacted by changes in their surroundings. Complimenting my scientific interests, I am passionate about science communication and policy, especially around high impact, hazardous weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, mid-latitude cyclones, and mesoscale convective systems. I am very interested in finding ways for the physical and social sciences to better work together to inform decisions at all levels of life, while bringing in as many perspectives as possible.